History of HPD Vehicles

Traffic Motorcycles
Officer Harry Dobbins-1999
Huntsville Police stopped utilizing police motorcycles in 1995 because of liability, maintenance costs, down time during inclement weather, and the inability to transport persons under arrest. Currently the motorcycles are used only for special events such as parades.

Patrol Units



Vehicle Quick Facts

January 1925-the City Council approves purchase of a motorcycle
April 1925 - a new police vehicle was purchased by trading in an old with a difference of $94.26
October 1926-a motorcycle purchased for $399.25
November 1926- the Department was authorized to purchase a Dodge and Chevrolet Touring Car.
September 1927-the Department purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle for $350.00
October 1947- 3 sirens and danger flashers were purchased for police cars.
February 1953-Radios were installed on police motorcycles
December 1957-the City Council approved painting Police cars and motorcycles black and white
Under Chief Vizzini,(1980-1985)  officers were required to leave the engines running while out of the vehicles, which resulted in a few police vehicles stolen. The vehicles were also keyed alike after an incident involving a citizen throwing the key from a marked unit.
1982-Patrol vehicles color scheme went from black/white to blue/white. Vehicles also received protective dividers separating the rear seat from the front.
Some HPD vehicles were powered by propane during the mid 80's, but stopped in July 1988 after an explosion.
1990 -Vehicle paint changed to solid white with medium blue reflective decals. Officers were the deciding factor for that scheme.
1992-Officers issued vehicles under the COPP (community oriented police patrol) program to increase community visibility, with full implementation by 1996.
September 1995-Last day of motorcycles used by the Department
AVL (automatic vehicle locator) installation complete in 2003.This ensures the closest, appropriate unit is dispatched to emergencies and increases officer safety by enabling supervisors and dispatchers to track vehicle movement and location.
September 2004-Began installation of Mobile Data Terminals
September 2005-Change to more visible and efficient LED light bars
August 2006 - Began installation of Digital in-car video equipment
September 2012-HPD took delivery of the Ford Interceptor
Specialized Units

Bid on surplus police vehicles

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