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Three Suspects Charged in Two Store Robberies


Huntsville, Alabama (March 12, 2007) Huntsville Police in the West Precinct have charged 3 men with robbing a convenience store March 8th. Investigator Jeff Weaber said the men were stopped Sunday night by Police because the vehicle they were driving matched the description from a robbery at the Fuel Center at 3705 Drake Avenue. Charges are also pending from the January 25th robbery at the Pantry Store on Governorís Drive.


Weaber said 19-year-old Michael Jolly is charged with Robbery 1st Degree and Carrying a Concealed Weapon. Sixteen year old Antwon Witchard and 17-year-old Christopher Mack are charged with Robbery 1st Degree. The two juveniles are being charged as adults because a gun was used during the robbery. All three were booked into the Madison County Metro Jail.