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Huntsville Police Arrest Sixteen In Prostitution Sting Operation


Huntsville, Alabama (April 16, 2007) On Friday, April 13th, Police from the West Precinct conducted a prostitution sting operation with plain clothes Officers. Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said the Officers concentrated their efforts in the following areas; Lowe Mill Village, Hood Road, Knight Road and the area of Huntsville Park. The day long operation led to the following men and women being arrested and charged with Soliciting Prostitution and/or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. They were all booked into the Madison County Metro Jail with the exception of a 16-year-old female who was charged for Soliciting Prostitution and booked into the Juvenile Detention Center.


Soliciting Prostitution:
1.      Judy Peoples (DOD 2/4/1976)

2.      Christina Higgs (DOB 9/24/1987)

3.      Tanisha Page (DOB 6/3/1975)

4.      Zainab Lanier (DOB 9/7/1970)

5.      Lana Quesenberry (DOB 3/19/1977)

6.      Carolyn Haden (DOB 5/17/1964)

7.      Cindy Bridges (DOB 5/3/1971)

8.      Amy Brazelton (DOB 7/12/1962)

9.      Joseph Miller (DOB 8/22/1984)

                         10.  Juvenile female

11.  Michael Powers (DOB 5/10/1965) Soliciting or Enticing another Person for Prostitution.


            Soliciting Prostitution and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 

12.  Rhonda Williams (DOB 11/13/1969)

13.  Mary Stout (DOB 6/4/1967)

 14.  Lorinda Shepard (DOB 2/17/1962)

15.  Gloria Sanders (DOB 6/26/1978)


Soliciting Prostitution and Possession of Cocaine

 16.  Tabitha Powell (DOB 12/07/1979)