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Huntsville Police Bust Major Bootleg Producer of DVDís and CDís


Huntsville, Alabama (April 27, 2007) A routine traffic stop has led Huntsville Police in the West Precinct to shut down a major producer of Bootleg DVDís and Music CDís. Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said Police arrested 31-year-old Kendrick Antonio Hill and charged him with Illegal Possession and Sale of Copyrighted Recorded Devices.


Police became suspicious Thursday when they stopped a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice which had the wrong vehicle tag. Inside the vehicle they discovered a large quantity of CDís and DVDís that had been illegally manufactured.  Further investigation led to Hillsí home located at 2613 Hanover Street. After a careful inventory of the items, Investigators recovered 1,356 bootleg DVD movies, 2,228 Music CDís, (1) ten disk CD burner, 257 blank CDís and 140 trademarked DVD movie covers. Investigator Jerry Trew called the operation a major money making business venture that robbed the city of tax revenues and a significant loss of sales for legitimate businesses. Many of the bootleg movies have not been released to movie theatres or to stores on DVD.


Hill was booked into the Madison County Metro Jail on Thursday. No bond has been set as of Friday morning on the felony charge.