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Twenty-four Police Cadets Will Undergo OC Spray Training


Huntsville, Alabama (June 15, 2007) It takes 18 weeks of intense training before a Police Cadet can wear the badge of a Huntsville Police Officer. During that time, they learn various tactics that could save their lives, a fellow Officer and the lives of citizens they’ve taken an oath “To Serve and To Protect.”


Friday afternoon, they will learn how and when to use OC (Oleoresin Capsicum), a non-lethal spray to control and deter actual or aggressive behavior of suspects or animals, according to Lieutenant Ken Brooks, Academy Training Director. He added, “The spray provides the Officer with defense against combative, violent individuals who resist arrest, thus avoiding fewer physical injuries for the Officer and the person being placed under arrest.” In 2006, the Huntsville Police Department made 13,149 arrests. During that period Officers used OC spray only 206 times.