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North Precinct Investigators Charge One in Copper Theft Cases


Huntsville, Alabama (July 24, 2007) A Huntsville man responsible for numerous copper thefts has been charged with two counts of Theft 1st degree and one count of Theft 2nd degree and booked in to the Madison County Metro Jail.


Spokesman Wendell Johnson said Investigators David Williams and Michael Eichhorn followed up leads on a suspect, 21-year-old Adam Darrell Mcguff, who stole copper from air conditioning units in Northwest Huntsville. They checked his name with several recycling businesses and Investigators discovered that he had sold 67 AC copper coils in the past several months.  He was picked up July 23rd at a recycling business where they found evidence that he had stolen copper from two other cases earlier in the morning.


Further investigation revealed he was responsible for at least over $66,000 in damages and repairs to homes and businesses. Johnson said other cases are pending in this investigation.