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North Precinct Investigators Bust Five Points Burglary Ring


Huntsville, Alabama (September 25, 2007) Investigators with the Huntsville Police Departmentís North Precinct are giving credit to 5 Community Watch Groups that assisted in breaking up a burglary ring operating in the Five Points area.


Spokesman Wendell Johnson said there were more than two dozen burglaries over the past few months in Five Points and surrounding area. Investigators and Police Officers met with Community Watch groups to compare information and improve communications about vehicle descriptions and possible suspects. As a result, four people have been charged and booked into the Madison County Metro Jail. Twenty cases have been cleared and additional arrests are expected.


(1) Alan Wade Majors, age 49, charged with Burglary 2nd degree, Burglary 3rd degree, Theft of Property 1st degree and Unlawful B&E to Automobile.


(2) William Edward Robertson, age 25, charged with Receiving Stolen Property 2nd degree.


(3) Joseph Thomas McBride, age 31, charged with Burglary 3rd degree and Theft of Property 1st degree.


(4) Jason David Sevigny, age 28, charged with Burglary 3rd degree.