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Chief Reynolds Promotes Six Police Officers


Huntsville, Alabama (January 12, 2007) Police Chief Rex Reynolds held a promotion ceremony Friday afternoon for six Officers with the Huntsville Police Department. Chief Reynolds promoted veteran Investigator Larry Childress to the rank of Sergeant. Childress who has previously worked with the FOX Unit and narcotics (STAC) will be assigned to North Precinct.


Additionally, the following Officers were promoted to Investigators: Kevin Browning, Rodney Fuller, Chris Hines, James Kent and Chet Williams all previously worked Patrol. During the ceremony, Reynolds said the promotions were well earned and well deserved. He added, “In uniform, you were trained to respond in a timely manner, apprehend offenders and preserve integrity of the crime scene. Now, you have reached another level in law enforcement where you will continue to serve the citizens in our community by compiling information, questioning suspects and solving crimes.”


Reynolds has added an Investigator to the Major Crimes Unit and Domestic Violence, and three others will work general investigations. In addition to today’s promotions Reynolds beefed up the STAC Unit with the temporary assignment of two additional Officers to work narcotics. All three Units have seen a recent increase in cases.