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HPD and ABC Agents Shut Down Illegal Business


Huntsville, Alabama (February 1, 2008) Seven people were arrested Thursday night when Huntsville Police and ABC Agents shut down a private club, operating without a business license and selling alcohol. Sgt. Mark Roberts said we have received numerous complaints from citizens concerning T& Jís a private club located at 4305 Oakwood Avenue. The complaints ranged from selling alcohol to minors, operating a business after hours and noise complaints. Roberts said the owner was allegedly operating a private club with members only, but without a business license or a license to sell alcohol you are breaking the law. Everyone was booked into the Madison County Metro Jail on the following charges;


1. Timothy Smith, age 51, charged with Doing Business without a License and ABC charged him with Selling Alcohol without a License.
No picture available for Smith

2. Jeffery Watkins, age 49, Possession of Marijuana.

3. Jamaica Lagail Thomas, age 29, Possession of Marijuana.


4. Daryl Lamont Robinson, age 33, Possession of Marijuana.


5. Don Darin Battle, age 43, Possession of Marijuana.


6. Royce Brister, age 41, Possession of Marijuana.


7. Jackie Verdell Jones, age 42, Possession of Marijuana and Carrying a Pistol without a Permit.