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Huntsville Police Lead State In DUI Arrests Statistics


Huntsville, Alabama (March 21, 2008) According to the Department of Forensic Science Implied Consent Unit, the Huntsville Police Department’s DUI Task Force made more arrests than any other Police agency in the State. The entire Police Department made a total of 1,483 arrests in 2007. HPD made 226% more arrests than the second place agency. However, the DUI Task Force alone with Sgt. Floyd Smith and seven Officers released the following stats from their Unit;


25 Felony
117 Under age 21
964 Misdemeanor
1,106 Total DUI arrests


Also, Officers Michael T. Johnson, Hank Perry, Michael Powell, Tim Wallace and Kevin Lawson were the top five Officers in the State with the highest number of DUI arrests. Police Chief Henry Reyes said, “We are proud of the outstanding job all of our Officers do to keep our streets safe from impaired drivers. As a result of the DUI Task Force and Uniformed Patrol, our traffic fatalities were cut in half last year to 22 for 2007, compared with over 40 plus fatalities three years ago. Huntsville is a safer place to live and work because of their commitment and efforts” [There have been no traffic fatalities in Huntsville for 2008 as of this news release.]


Public Safety Director Rex Reynolds added his support to the DUI Task Force. He said, “We are proud of the work they do and we are thankful for the support provided by Mayor Loretta Spencer, City Council members and the State of Alabama for additional funding to run checkpoints and pay overtime for the Traffic Crash Reduction Program. It’s all designed to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries in accidents”.