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STAC Team Shuts Down Drug House


Huntsville, Alabama (March 27, 2008) On Wednesday March 26th, Agents with the Madison/Morgan County STAC Team conducted an investigation based on citizens complaints about possible drug activity at 4616 Daugette Drive in NW Huntsville. Sgt. Gerry Norris said Agents made contact with individuals living at the home, which led to them obtaining search warrants. They recovered approximately 4 ounces of cocaine, approximately one-half pound of high grade marijuana, a bottle of hydrocodone and a pistol. The following suspects were arrested and booked into the Madison County metro jail:


*Demetrius Lashonda Cole, DOB 4-20-1983, Trafficking in Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana 1st degree and Chemical Endangerment of a Child.


*Cedric Romero Wherry, DOB 6-12-1981, Possession of Marijuana and Loitering.


*Terryous Pierre Crutcher, DOB 5-07-1987, Possession of Marijuana and Loitering.


*Deborah Ann Langdon Sullivan, DOB 10-12-1957, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Loitering


*James Michael Cook, DOB 12-28-1977, Loitering.


To report drug activity in your community, contact the STAC Team office at 427-5456 or visit the website at You donít have to leave your name, just report individuals or houses suspected of drug activity.