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Ten Women Charged in Prostitution Sting


Huntsville, Alabama (March 28, 2008) The alleged prostitutes were out early in West Huntsville Thursday morning and so were Huntsville Police. Community Relations Officers set up details in the areas of Lowmill, Hall Street, Knight Road area, and McVay and Penny Street. Sgt. Mark Roberts said, “In order to improve a community you have to first identify the source of the problem, in this case drugs and prostitution. This is an ongoing effort to work with citizens in the area who are purchasing homes and upgrading property. We work with Community Development to identify abandoned homes so that law abiding people will move into these neighborhoods.” Roberts added future details will include men or “Johns” who proposition the women. Ninety percent of the women are trying to make money to purchase drugs. The following women were charged with Soliciting Prostitution and booked in the Madison County metro jail.


Jami Stewart, DOB 05-02-1985

Shanna Fountain, DOB 10-22-1977

Crystal Kemper, DOB 07-24-1976

Judy Peoples, DOB 02-04-1976

Glenda Brummer, DOB 12-30-1954

Melissa Robertson, DOB 06-10-1981

Kimberly Pope, DOB 03-01-1972

Teresa Stevenson, DOB 11-16-1973

Patricia Holden, DOB 11-26-1961 (Also charged with Drug Paraphernalia)

Brandi Logan, DOB 011-28-1985 (Also charged with Drug Paraphernalia)