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House Move May Impact Traffic


                     Huntsville, Alabama ( January 20, 2009) Kennedy Brothers Contracting will be moving a house on Wednesday that will impact traffic in the areas of Holmes Avenue, Jordan Lane, University Drive, and Research Park Blvd.  The move should begin at 9:00 am. and will take approximately three hours to complete. 


The following lists the starting points and final destination of the move:


January 21, 2009:  709 Erskine Street to 8539 University Drive (Kennedy Bros).  The move will turn left on South Loop and turn right on Holmes Avenue.  The move will turn left on Jordan Lane and then turn left on University Drive.  The move will proceed west on University Drive until taking the exit ramp for Research Park Blvd and cross over all lanes and take the exit ramp from Research Park Blvd back onto University Drive.  The move will then proceed west to 8539 US Hwy 72.   


Weather conditions could cause a delay or rescheduling of the move.