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Police Chief
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Public Information Officer
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City Worker Charged with Theft

Huntsville, Alabama (June17, 2006) On June 9, 2009, Officers of the Huntsville Police Department arrested Foster Dillard Jr., a City of Huntsville Public Works Employee, 50 years-of-age, of Huntsville, and charged him with theft of property 3rd Degree.


The arrest was a result of an investigation that was initiated by a concerned citizen that contacted the City of Huntsville Public Works Division about something that they felt wasnít right. The citizen advised that an employee of the Public Works Department offered to pick up yard debris which he advised was over the allowed limit for cash to avoid receiving a citation.


Public Works and the Huntsville Police Department want to make sure that the citizens of Huntsville arenít being taken advantage. We are asking citizens that have been approached by a city employee asking for cash in exchange for city services to call the Huntsville Police Departmentís Operational Bureau at 427-7007. We want the citizens of Huntsville to know that Mayor Battleís administration wonít tolerate the abuse of a city position and will investigate each complaint to the fullest.