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Huntsville, Alabama  35801

Henry Reyes
Police Chief
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Sgt. Mark Roberts
Public Information Officer
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Zero Tolerance Enforcement Campaign in School Zones


Huntsville, Alabama (August 4, 2009) Huntsville Police Chief Henry Reyes has instructed officers to strictly enforce all posted speed limits and other traffic laws at public and private school zones. The "Zero Tolerance" enforcement campaign begins as classes resume Monday, August 10, 2009. Motorists should allow for extra time and expect traffic delays and congestion in and around school zones. The Department's Traffic Task Force, Precinct Officers, School Resource Officers and Public Safety Aides will monitor traffic and safety issues at 75 school zones across Huntsville and issue citations for "All" traffic violations.


Motorists should remember to obey the hand signals of the Public Safety Aides who are working to protect our children and assist in traffic control. When a driver approaches a Public Safety Aide directing traffic, the front and back of the Aide facing the driver means to come to a complete "STOP". Drivers should also consider every child walking as a caution sign. Be aware of all school cross walks and look out for children who may jump out from behind parked cars.  Finally, all traffic in both directions should come to a complete "STOP" when a school bus loads and unloads students.