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HPD to Recognize 6 Year Old for Donation to Memorial 



Huntsville, Alabama (May 14th 2010) On Saturday, May 8, 2010, the Po-Boy Factory on Andrew Jackson Way held a fund raiser for the Fallen Officers Memorial.  The owner of the business donated a percentage of the day’s sales to the Memorial Fund and cash donations were accepted.  Over $2000 was raised during the event and all donations will go directly to the Huntsville Police Citizen’s Foundation to benefit the Fallen Officers Memorial.


During the event a family brought their six year old daughter by to view the Memorial Statue.  They ate lunch and the family made a cash donation.  After returning home, the child advised her parents that she would like to make her own donation to the Fallen Officers Memorial, and asked them to take her back to the restaurant.  The child retrieved her “piggy bank” and her parents took her back to the restaurant.  After arriving at the restaurant the child emptied the contents of her bank into the donation jar. 

This act of generosity from such a young child has touched the hearts of many Huntsville Police Officers.  To recognize her for her act of kindness, the Huntsville Police Department’s North Precinct will present the child with a Certificate of Appreciation and a Special Gift on Saturday, May 15th at the North Precinct.  The presentation will take place at North Precinct’s break room at 2 p.m.