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Interim Chief of Police
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Public Information Officer
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HPD Conducts Prostitution Sting


Huntsville, Alabama (June 4, 2010) On June 3, 2010, Officers of the Huntsville Police Department conducted a prostitution detail after receiving complaints from citizens in the Huntsville area. This is an ongoing effort working with citizens to try to make their neighborhoods in Huntsville a better place to live. The detail resulted in the following arrests:


Tina Swindall                04-07-63               Possession of Controlled Substance       Soliciting Prostitution

April Odell                    04-29-76               Soliciting Prostitution

Judy Peoples                 02-29-76               Soliciting Prostitution

Glenda Brummer          12-30-54                Soliciting Prostitution 

Tiffany King                 07-31-87                Soliciting Prostitution 

Nola Glenn                    09-28-67              Soliciting Prostitution 

Michelle Muratet          10-21-85                Soliciting Prostitution 

Angel Lascola               03-05-74               Soliciting Prostitution 

Jonnay Cotton               06-27-88               Soliciting Prostitution 

Gena Holland                03-11-79               Soliciting Prostitution 

Christy McNeese          11-05-70               Soliciting Prostitution 

Rosemary Lemmond    12-07-82                Soliciting Prostitution 

Crystal Kemper             07-24-76              Soliciting Prostitution 

Teresa Stevenson          11-16-73               Soliciting Prostitution                                    


*All offenders reside in Huntsville