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Huntsville Police Release Findings of Incident Review Board

Huntsville, Alabama (December 28, 2011) Huntsville Police Chief Mark Hudson concurs with the unanimous findings of a Departmental Incident Review
Board that the December 12th use of deadly force was “In Policy.” Police spokesman Dr. Harry Hobbs said the Board met on Wednesday, December 28,
 2011, to examine evidence and hear testimony surrounding the shooting incident of 27 year-old Samuel Sirvoy Ward.  The review board consisted of Captain Tommy Presley, Lieutenant David Sedberry and Sergeant Mark Shahan.  Representatives from the City Attorney’s Office and the Madison County District Attorney’s Office were also present. After careful review of the evidence, the Board concluded that the Officers’ actions were in accordance with
Departmental policies.

On December 12, 2011 Huntsville Police Officers were in the process of arresting Ward for a drug charge (Possession of Marijuana).  Ward physically
resisted the arresting Officers, produced a handgun and fired at the Officers.  The Officers returned fire and Ward fell to the ground.  The Officers then
handcuffed Ward and called an ambulance.

There is video evidence of the incident that will be used in the prosecution of Ward for the Attempted Murder of two Police Officers, Possession of a
Concealed Weapon without a Permit and Buying / Receiving Stolen Property.   The weapon Ward used was stolen.  It is the policy of the Huntsville Police Department not to release criminal evidence to the media. 

Ward was also charged with the following:

(2) Counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance – Synthetic Narcotic
Possession of a Controlled Substance – Cocaine
Possession of Marijuana 1st
Obstructing Government Operations