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Mark Hudson
Interim Chief of Police
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Harry Hobbs
Communications Relations Officer
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Awards to Be Presented

Huntsville, Alabama (January 12, 2011) On January 13, 2011 at the Huntsville City Council meeting, Officer Charles Draper and Officer  Matthew Edger will receive a Lifesaving Medal.


October 1, 2010, Officers Draper and Edger responded to a 911 call where an offender armed with a knife was making threats. When officers arrived at the residence and tried to make contact, they learned that the offender, a schizophrenic not taking his prescribed medication, was holding his mother as a human shield with two knives against her throat. Officers Draper and Edger made entry to the residence by kicking open the door after the offender refused to allow officers to enter. Officers Draper and Edger gained control of the situation by convincing the offender to drop both knives and release his mother, whereas, the officers immediately apprehended the offender without causing any injuries to him, his mother, or to themselves.


The actions of Officers Draper and Edger along with other responding officers were extraordinary to say the least. Without hesitation these officers acted to intervene in the life threatening, perilous situation with full knowledge of the dangers that could happen once entry into the house was gained. Through diligent teamwork the victim was released without any physical harm, thus saving life.


Draper Edger