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Huntsville Police K-9 Team Re-Certified


Huntsville, Alabama (April 11, 2012) Recently, the Huntsville Police Departmentís K9 Teams participated in the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) Certification Trials which were held March 25, 2012, through March 30, 2012.  The USPCA is a national organization of current and retired Canine Handlers from across the nation which sets high standards for police canine teams and hold trials to insure that teams meet those standards. The Trials were held in Guntersville, Alabama hosted by the Guntersville Police Department. 


The Huntsville Police Department is a member of USPCA Region 22 which includes Alabama, Georgia, and southern Tennessee. The Patrol Dog (PD 1) Certification events include obedience, agility, evidence search, suspect search, criminal apprehension without gunfire, and criminal apprehension with gunfire. Narcotics Detection Certifications and Explosive Detection Certifications events include vehicle searches, room searches, and parcel searches.


Four Huntsville Police Department K-9 Teams participated in the dual purpose PD1 and Narcotics Detection Certifications, and one Huntsville Police Department team participated in the single purpose Explosives Detection Certification as required by Huntsville Police Department Written Directives. K-9 teams from other departments throughout the region also attained required certifications at the trials.

The following officers and their canine partners attained yearly certifications at the trials:


Officer C. Upton & K-9 Boone                        PD1 & Narcotics Detection

Officer J. Rucker & K-9 Caesar                       PD1 & Narcotics Detection

Officer J. Balch & K-9 Cayden                        PD1 & Narcotics Detection

Officer C. Schrader & K-9 Axle                       PD1 & Narcotics Detection

Sergeant J. Huskey & K-9 Isis                         Explosives Detection


Officer Joshua Balch & K-9 Cayden won 1st Place in the Obedience event and 3rd Place in the Overall Search which scored the Evidence and Suspect Searches. Officer Chad Schrader won 2nd Place in the Narcotics Detection Vehicle Search. Sergeant Jeff Huskey & K-9 Isis won 1st Place in the Explosives Detection Parcel Search and 2nd Place in the Explosives Detection Vehicle Search.


Upton Rucker Balch Schrader Huskey