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Interim Chief of Police
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Dr. Harry Hobbs
Communications Relations Officer
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Unlawful B&E Arrests


Huntsville, Alabama (June 14, 2012) In the early hours of June 14, 2012, there were numerous Unlawful B&Es to a Motor Vehicle in South Huntsville. HPD Third Shift Officers apprehended two offenders, Elan Christian Turcois, 19 y/o of Huntsville, and one juvenile.  Both are charged with 2 Counts of Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle. HPD is also attempting to locate a third juvenile suspect that is believed to be involved in these incidents.   These offenders have admitted to approximately 30 offenses in the following areas; Mountain Gap Road, south to Hobbs Road, east to Chaney Thompson, and west to Memorial Parkway (mainly Greenleaf Dr, Chicamagua Trail, Carrsbrook Rd.).  Officers recovered many stolen items from the offenders and are currently looking for owners to claim their property.  Some of the items recovered are cell phones, ipods, GPS device, knives, Sunglasses, and Flashlights.

Please contact South Precinct, General Investigations at 256-213-4542, if you find your vehicle has been broken in to and check on the possibility that items recovered are yours and to file a report.