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House Move May Impact Traffic

Huntsville, Alabama (November 28, 2012) Don Kennedy and Sons House Moving Company will be moving a house on Thursday, November 29, 2012.  The move will impact traffic in the areas of Bayfield Dr., Garth Rd., Carl T. Jones Dr., Northbound and Southbound Memorial Pkwy Access, Airport Rd., Johnson Rd., Triana Blvd, Drake Ave., Patton Rd., University Dr., Highway 72 W, Jeff Rd., and Capshaw Rd.


The following lists the starting point and final destination of the move:


The move will start at approximately 9:00 a.m. starting from 1030 Bayfield Drive.  The move will travel right on Garth Road, right on Carl T. Jones Drive (Airport Road), left on Memorial Pkwy Access Road (Southbound in Northbound lanes), right on Golf Road, right on Memorial Pkwy Access Road (Northbound in Southbound lanes), left on Airport Road (Johnson Road), right on Triana Blvd, left on Drake Avenue, right on Patton Road continuing to Jordan Lane, left on University Drive, cross up and over Research Park Blvd via the access ramps and back onto University Drive (US Highway 72), right on Jeff Road, left on Capshaw Road, ending at 219 Capshaw Road (out of the city).