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Chief of Police
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Communications Relations Officer
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Huntsville Police Announce Multiple Arrests for
 B&E to Autos in South Huntsville


Huntsville, Alabama (June 25, 2013) The Huntsville Police Department has arrested four persons in connection with multiple B&E to Autos in the South Huntsville area, including the Piedmont, Camelot and Greenwyche communities.

Arrested and charged with Unlawful B&E to Autos were; Steven Dillard, b/m, DOB 8/15/1972, Kerry Townsend, b/m, DOB 10/02/1965, Mario T. Long, b/m, DOB 7/10/1987, and Antonio Fearn Jr., b/m, DOB 07/15/1987, from Huntsville.  Theses arrests will close out 48 cases.  Investigations into other cases in the area are continuing and additional charges may be brought against these offenders in the future.

Citizens are cautioned not to leave personal or valuable items, especially firearms, medications and any type of electronics, inside their vehicles when unattended.  Huntsville Police ask that the community report any suspicious activity in your neighborhoods to the police.



Dillard Townsend Long Fearn