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Lewis Morris
Chief of Police
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Dr. Harry Hobbs
Communications Relations Officer
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Homicide Update


Huntsville, Alabama (February 4, 2014) On February 3, 2014, Huntsville had its 6th homicide.  The shooting occurred on O’Fallon Road in Huntsville, Alabama around 10:40pm last night.  The victim, Demarco Moore, a 23 year old black male and resident of Huntsville, died as a result of the injuries.  The victim’s family has been notified.  As with any case of this nature, Huntsville Police Investigators are piecing together timelines and identifying persons of interest to interview that will bring about a resolution to this tragic incident.  No arrests have been made at this time and as soon as further information can be released, it will.


Chief Morris wants to reassure the public that these incidents are not random in nature by unknown assailants.  Each victim in the previous 5 homicides all knew their attacker.  There is also no indication at this time that any of the incidents are related to each other and all 5 of the previous cases have been closed.  If anyone has any information that could assist the Huntsville Police in their investigation on the current case, please contact Sgt. Floyd Smith at 256-213-4514.