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Police Offer Safe Parking Tips for AAMU Home Games


Huntsville, Alabama (October 5, 2006) The Huntsville Police and The Alabama A&M University Police want to remind football fans, alumni and students to obey the following traffic laws when attending home games at Louis Crews stadium. Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said because of the previous public information and education campaign, there were very few problems last year. In an effort to improve traffic safety along Memorial Parkway, and avoid vehicles improperly parked from being ticketed and towed away law enforcement would like to remind drivers of the following guidelines:


1.      NO PARKING In the median or on the shoulder of the road along North Memorial Parkway from Winchester Road to Mastin Lake Road.  Vehicles illegally parked in these locations will be impounded due to the potential safety hazard to motorists and pedestrians.

2.      Parking in residential areas is permitted unless blocking driveways.

3.      Parking on private property is prohibited IF the business has the proper NO PARKING signs posted. Police will enforce these violations only at the request of the business owner or manager.

4.      There will be police officers and civilian personnel directing traffic at the entrances and exits to the stadium. Please follow the directions of personnel directing traffic to prevent traffic tie ups.

5.      Some roadways will be limited to one-way traffic only. Follow the posted signs and traffic control officers.