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Chief Reynolds Releases Results On Citizens Attitudes and Opinions


Huntsville, Alabama (December 8, 2006) Huntsville citizens opinions about their police department remain very positive, but they are still concerned about traffic safety and crime in the city. That according to a newly released survey completed for the department in its reaccreditation efforts. The survey was done for the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) The Carlton Public Relations, Inc, conducted the survey for the department to determine its strengths, needs and weaknesses.


Chief Rex Reynolds said he was pleased to see Officers receive high marks from citizens in the performance of their duties. According to the survey, the vast majority believe Huntsville Police Officers care about the community (86%), are courteous (83%), trustworthy (72%) and serve as good role models (71%). Eighty-five-percent of citizens believe Officers are competent and provide quality law enforcement services. They also feel police respond in a reasonable amount of time (68%).


Reynolds said he was encouraged that most people see Huntsville as safe (57%) or more safe (41%) when compared to other cities. In terms of crime and safety issues respondents reported that the most serious threats to families were burglaries (34%).  Citizens are concerned about driving in Huntsville. Sixteen percent are worried about traffic accidents and (17%) traffic violations. The department has been aggressively addressing traffic safety issues since fatalities and injuries were on the increase two years ago. The conclusion, people see road hazards as a more serious threat than gangs (5%), drugs (14%), robberies (7%) and vandalism (6%).


Reynolds added that the most encouraging difference in the survey was that African-American participation was up this year to (14%) of respondents. In 2001 they comprised (9%) and 1997 (7%). Two-thousand surveys were mailed to participants, 434 usable questionnaires were returned.


In conclusion, Reynolds said, The survey was to provide citizens the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions about the department and the services we provide. Im pleased with the public comments which will provide valuable information for our Command Staff to review. Precinct Commanders will address issues in the three precincts raised by citizens in an effort to increase our level of service to the community.