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West Precinct Officers Arrests Mall Purse Snatchers


Huntsville, Alabama (December 14, 2006) Shortly after a woman’s purse was snatched at Madison Square Mall on Sunday afternoon, Huntsville Police at West Precinct issued a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) for a suspect’s vehicle, which included a handwritten tag which said, “tag applied for”.


Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said an off-duty Officer working part-time at Madison Square Mall spotted the vehicle Monday evening, parked in the parking lot with no one inside. Police and mall security monitored the vehicle until it left the crowded parking lot. Officers then stopped the vehicle and questioned the driver and occupants. Investigator Randy Christensen then arrested the driver, Quinton Lamarce Minor, (DOB 9/22/1985) of 4125 Pulaski Pike and charged him with one count each of Theft of Property 1st Degree and Illegal Possession of a Credit Card. Wednesday night, warrants were obtained for Jason Ward (DOB 5/1/1988) of 2111 Lynn Road, and Freddie Collier Jr., (DOB 8/23/1988) of 2111 Lynn Road. Both men were charged with one count each of Theft of Property 1st Degree and Illegal Possession of a Credit Card. The credit card belonged to the woman involved in the purse snatching. The suspects allegedly used the card to purchase shoes and clothing which have been recovered.


Johnson said Investigators have been in touch with a fourth offender who has been asked to turn himself into Police. He faces similar charges. All three suspects have been booked into the Madison County Metro Jail.