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Huntsville Police Officer Receives Hoover Gold Medal Award


Huntsville, Alabama (February 8, 2006) The VFW will recognize Huntsville Police Officer Kevin Matthews with the Officer of the Year Award tonight. (The J. Edgar Hoover, Gold Medal Award) Mathews has worked with the Huntsville Police Department for 2.5 years, but has 3 years with the U.S. Air Force Security as a Police K-9 Handler. Prior to that, the Western Oregon University graduate worked for 6 years with the Oregon State Youth Authority.

Matthews’ North Precinct supervisor, Sgt. Dan Dean called him one of the most productive Officers in the Department, who does quality work and is respected by his peers. He said, “Over the past year, Officer
Matthews has made 122 arrests, thirty-three were for felonies. He also made 20 drugs arrests; two of those were for manufacturing Methamphetamine. His dedication to service and public safety makes him an asset to his squad and the citizens in the Lincoln Village, his assigned patrol area.”

North Precinct Commander, Captain Andy Jackson said all Police Officers have a sense of pride and accomplishment when organizations such as the VFW recognize law enforcement in our community. Our men and women place themselves in danger everyday they wear that uniform.  Officers like Kevin Matthews wear it because they love their job, and love making a difference for the people they’ve taken an oath to Serve and to Protect.