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Huntsville Police Charge 5 Selling Alcohol to Minors


Huntsville, Alabama (February 20, 2006) Huntsville Police had received complaints from citizens that juveniles were buying alcohol from several stores across the city. Friday night, police sent juveniles into 10 stores, where they purchased alcohol from some of clerks and cashiers. Five people were charged with Selling Alcohol to a Minor.


1.      David Edward Wigley, 56-year-old, manager at the Liquor Express Inc., 2100-B Drake Avenue

2.      Yoon UK Heo, 32-years-old, clerk at Parkway Liquor and Tobacco, 513  Drake Avenue

3.      Prentiss Madden, 25-years-old, clerk at Liquor Express, 2100 B Drake Avenue

4.      Antonio Taylor, 34-years-old, cashier at Liberty 2000, 3121 Drake Avenue

5.      Michelle Holt, 28-years-old, clerk at 513 Drake Ave. , Parkway Liquor and Tobacco