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Police Charge Suspect With Attempted Murder 


                        Huntsville, Alabama (April 18, 2006) After observing a Ford pick-up truck in front of a suspected drug house early this morning, a Huntsville Police Officer became involved in a pursuit of the vehicle. The driver attempted to evade the Officer for several blocks, until the offender lost control of his vehicle at Terry Heights School. As the Officer approached, the driver put the vehicle in reverse and attempted to run over the Officer. The Officer fired his weapon at the vehicle and, after the vehicle stopped a short distance away, the driver fled on foot. The driver was captured after a short chase through the neighborhood.  The driver was identified as Tyrese Santell Pierce, 26, of Huntsville and he was charged with Attempted Murder. Both passengers in the vehicle were wounded; a male, 47, was struck in the leg and a female, 41, was struck in the hand.