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New Digital Video Technology To Enhance Police Enforcement


Huntsville, Alabama (August 3, 2006) The Huntsville Police department unveiled its latest technology this morning thanks to a grant by Congressman Bud Cramer and Alabama Senator Richard Shelby during a morning news conference. Congressman Cramer along with Huntsville Mayor Loretta Spencer and Chief Rex Reynolds inspected 2 of the first group of ninety-four patrol cars to be outfitted with digital in-car video cameras. Personnel with the DUI Task Force were the only Officers who previously had video cameras but they are outdated. Eventually the entire task force and uniform patrol will have the digital in-car video cameras.

Chief Reynolds said, “With 288 patrol vehicles within our fleet, it would be a huge impact on our budget to provide the level of technology you see here today. With these upgrades, our Officers will be more efficient and increase our effectiveness in providing services to the public.” Mayor Spencer said the grant is especially timely with Huntsville’s move to expand the number of Police Officers and the quality of police services. “I am so proud of the support given to our Police Department by Senator Shelby and Congressman Cramer for this new technology that will certainly benefit our Officers as well as our citizens.”

Reynolds said the new technology will support Officers by documenting and storing evidence obtained in the field from traffic violations, running red lights and apprehending suspects. Cramer and Shelby secured a technology grant for nearly eight-hundred-thousand dollars ($789,315) to purchase the video cameras, computer equipment, upgrades and 76 Digital cameras for Officers and Investigators to document crime scenes.