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HPD’s Traffic Crash Reduction Program Yielding Results


Huntsville, Alabama (August 22, 2006) Huntsville Police Chief Rex Reynolds announced today that he is “Cautiously optimistic” the latest statistics in the Department’s traffic enforcement program is working. Under the Department’s Traffic Crash Reduction Program, traffic fatalities have been reduced by 33% percent compared to this same period last year. Reynolds’ attributes the reduction to Huntsville Officers paying attention to motorists and their driving behavior.

He said, “Our increased public information and education campaign, along with our visibility at locations with high traffic accidents, is intended to get motorists to pay attention to posted speed limits and traffic control devices. I am proud of our Officers commitment and I am proud that the public realizes that we are trying to save lives.” Reynolds was also pleased that overall traffic accidents with injuries have been reduced by 11% percent, with the number of total accidents down by 4% percent.” Reynolds added, “We are pleased with the results of our enforcement efforts. However, the loss of a single life or any injuries to individuals is still too many. Officers have written more that 8,812 more traffic citations compared with this time last year. That’s a 60% increase compared with this time period last year. Reynolds said the Department will continue the Traffic Crash Reduction Program, evaluate traffic statistics and make adjustments accordingly.


Year to Date Traffic Data For 2005 and 2006


Traffic Fatalities                                      2005 --- 28

                                                                  2006 --- 19 reduced by 9 or 33%


Traffic Accidents w/ injuries                    2005 --- 1,455

                                                                  2006 --- 1, 308 reduced by 147 or 11%


Total Accidents                                        2005 --- 4,550

                                                                  2006 --- 4,388 reduced by 162 or 4%


Total # of Traffic Citations                      2005 --- 14,703

                                                                  2006 --- 23,515 Increase of 8,812 or 60%