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STAC Team Charge Five In City-Wide Drug Raids


Huntsville, Alabama (September 12, 2006) Approximately $100,000 worth of drugs have been taken off the streets in an ongoing investigation by the Madison-Morgan County STAC Team. STAC Commander, Sgt. Gerry Norris said agents stopped three subjects traveling East on US Highway 72 ,  when they discovered the individuals were transporting ½ kilo of cocaine and 5 pounds of hydroponic marijuana. The following 3 people were arrested and charged;


1.      Markee Kenyatta Bennett (DOB 02-25-1972) is charged with Conspiracy to Traffic Cocaine and Conspiracy to Traffic Marijuana. Home address,  4023 Hunters Ridge Drive #3, Huntsville, Alabama

2.      Labrosus Watkins (DOB 04-01-84) is charged with Conspiracy to Traffic Cocaine, Conspiracy to Traffic Marijuana and Possession of MDMA (to be updated to Trafficking MDMA). Home address, 1725 Millican Place, Huntsville, Alabama.

3.      Ruben Leon Burruss (07-22-63) is charged with Trafficking in Cocaine and Trafficking in Marijuana. Home address, 2915 Pulaski Pike, Huntsville, Alabama.


The ongoing investigation resulted in two other search warrants related to the initial vehicle stop. The first warrant for 1725 Millican Place led Agents to locate 450 Ecstasy tablets (MDMA) and a quantity of marijuana. (4) Latoya Watkins (DOB 11-5-80), was charged with Possession of Marijuana 2nd degree and Possession of MDMA (to be updated to Trafficking MDMA.) STAC agents then served their final warrant about 5:30 this morning at 3105 Meridian Street and arrested (5) Davalawn Whiteside. She’s been charged with Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Marijuana, 2nd degree


Watkins                Whiteside