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Filing a Police Report

The Huntsville Police Department offers several ways to file police reports. If you have an emergency need for a police officer to respond and speak to you in person, call 911. If you need a report for documentation or for insurance purposes, call 256-722-7100 and speak with a police communications representative. There are two ways that a police report can be completed after calling this number. The first is to request that an officer respond to your location and complete the report. This is necessary on all criminal offenses in which you are reporting a property crime, and the suspect is known, and the damage is such that fingerprints or identifying marks are present at the scene. An officer will respond to your location to assess the scene and complete the proper reports. An officer should also respond if the crime is to a person and there is serious physical injury, or if the crime is of a sexual nature. An officer will respond to the scene or to a medical facility to assess the circumstances, and complete the proper report.

In instances where there is no available evidence at the scene, or where the report is being made solely for documentation, and not for criminal prosecution, there is no need for personal contact with an officer. You may call 256-427-7009 or 256-427-7114 and an officer will complete your report by telephone. This is useful in cases where a minor theft is involved, such as a theft of gasoline, or where there is no need for further police action other than a report.

If you need to see an officer in regards to a problem, you may also come to the police department, at 815 Wheeler Ave., and file any needed report. This may be helpful if you do not have an emergency, but prefer to file a report in person. Police officers are on duty 24-hours-a-day to help you in these matters.

If you have any further questions regarding filing a report, call 256-427-7009 and speak with the information officer.

Please contact your local precinct to file a report in your district.

Already Made A Police Report?? Information On How To Obtain Your Copy Here

If you are involved in an accident

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